1991: Top Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Sporting Events, World Events And More

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Climbing the ladder of time, we’re now in 1991. Take a look back at all the amazing things that happened back in the year and then think of how many of those are still part of our lives today. How many aren’t?

Check out everything that was from this decade, year by year – from the sporting events to world events, the top TV shows, songs, movies and more.

As you’re going back in time, think about some of the things in our lives today that you don’t see appearing here because they didn’t exist yet. Then, think about how many of those things we use, hear about or are part of our lives today were introduced in this year or the decade. Progress is amazing.

Let us know some of the things that come to mind below.

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1. Baby Baby – Amy Grant
2. Gonna Make You Sweat (Everybody Dance Now) – C&C Music Factory
3. I Like The Way (The Kissing Game) – Hi-Five
4. More Than Words – Extreme
5. Unbelievable – EMF
6. 3 A.M. Eternal – The KLF
7. High Enough – Damn Yankees
8. Right Here, Right Now – Jesus Jones
9. Hold You Tight – Tara Kemp
10. I Adore Mi Amor – Color Me Badd

Gonna Make You Sweat – C&C Music Factory
Luck of the Draw – Bonnie Raitt
Mariah Carey – Mariah Carey
Rhythm of the Saints – Paul Simon
The Immaculate Collection – Madonna)
Use Your illusion I – Guns N’ Roses
Use Your illusion II – Guns N’ Roses
Wilson Phillips – Wilson Phillips

Album of the Year: Unforgettable, Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole
Best New Artist: Marc Cohn
Best Pop Duo or Group: “Losing My Religion,” R.E.M.
Best Pop Female Vocal: “Something to Talk About,” Bonnie Raitt
Best Pop Male Vocal: “When a Man Loves a Woman,” Michael Bolton
Best Rock Duo or Group: “Good Man, Good Woman,” Bonnie Raitt and Delbert McClinton
Best Rock Solo: Luck of the Draw, Bonnie Raitt
Best Rock Song: “Soul Cages,” Sting
Record of the Year: “Unforgettable,” Natalie Cole with Nat King Cole
Song of the Year: “Unforgettable”


R.E.M. – Losing My Religion

1 Terminator 2: Judgment Day TriS $204,843,345
2 Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves WB $165,493,908
3 Beauty and the Beast BV $145,863,363
4 The Silence of the Lambs Orion $130,742,922
5 City Slickers Col. $124,033,791
6 Hook TriS $119,654,823
7 The Addams Family Par. $113,502,426
8 Sleeping with the Enemy Fox $101,599,000
9 Father of the Bride BV $89,325,780
10 The Naked Gun 2 1/2: The Smell of Fear Par. $86,930,411

Backdraft / Boyz ‘N the Hood / Bugsy / Don’t Tell Mom The Babysitter’s Dead / JFK
FX 2 – The Deadly Art Of Illusion / Fried Green Tomatoes / My Own Private Idaho
New Jack City / Out For Justice / The Fisher King / The Smell Of Fear
Thelma and Louise / Toy Soldiers

Best Actor: Anthony Hopkins: The Silence of the Lambs
Best Actress: Jodie Foster: The Silence of the Lamb
Best Director: Jonathan Demme: The Silence of the Lambs
Best Picture: Edward Saxon, Kenneth Utt, Ronald M. Bozman: The Silence of the Lambs
Best Supporting Actor: Jack Palance: City Slickers
Best Supporting Actress: Mercedes Ruehl: The Fisher King

60 Minutes / Roseanne / Murphy Brown / Cheers / Home Improvement / Coach / Designing Women
Full House / Murder She Wrote / Unsolved Mysteries / Major Dad / Room For Two
NFL Monday Night Football / The CBS Monday Night MOvie / Evening Shade / A Different World
Northern Exposure / The Cosby Show / Wings / Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air

Best Drama – Northern Exposure (CBS)
Best Actor – Christopher Lloyd, Avonlea
Best Actress – Dana Delany, China Beach
Supporting Actor – Richard Dysart, L.A. Law
Supporting Actress – Valerie Mahaffey, Northern Exposure

Best Comedy – Murphy Brown
Best Actor – Craig T. Nelson, Coach
Best Actress – Candice Bergen, Murphy Brown
Supporting Actor – Michael Jeter, Evening Shade
Supporting Actress – Laurie Metcalf, Roseanne
Best Variety- The Tonight Show Starring Johnny Carson

Kentucky Derby Winner: Strike the Gold Jockey: C. Antley Trainer: N. Zito Brophy, Condren, Cornacchia

Superbowl XXVI : WASHINGTON 37 – Buffalo 24

Pro MVP: Thurman Thomas, Buffalo, RB & Barry Sanders, Detroit, RB

College Football: Miami-FL

Heisman Trophy: Desmond Howard, Michigan, WR

Rose Bowl: Washington 34, Michigan 14
Orange Bowl: Miami-FL 22, Nebraska 0
Cotton Bowl: Florida St. 10, Texas A&M 2
Sugar Bowl: Notre Dame 39, Florida 28

NBA Championship
Winner: CHICAGO 4-1 (LWWWW) – Coach: Phil Jackson
Opposing Team: LA Lakers – Coach: Mike Dunleavy

NBA MVP: Michael Jordan, Chicago, G Ave Score: 31.5

NCAA National Champions: Duke 32-7 – Coach: Mike Krzyzewski

World Series
Winner: Minnesota 4-3 (WWLLLWW) – Coach: Tom Kelly
Opposing Team: ATLANTA BRAVES – Coach: Bobby Cox

National League
MVP: Terry Pendleton, Atl – 3B
Rookie of the Year: Jeff Bagwell, Hou. – OF

American League
MVP: Cal Ripken Jr., Bal – SS
Rookie of the Year: Chuck Knoblauch, Min – 2B

UN Launches Massive Air Assault On Iraqi Troops Lead by US Missiles

UN Ground Troops Lead By U.S. Military Liberate Kuwait In 100 Hours

LA Police Officers Beat Motorist, Caught On Videotape and indicted for the beating of Rodney King

Boris Yeltson Elected Russian President

Jeffery Dahmer Arrested for Serial Killings And Cannibalism

Magic Johnson Announces He Is HIV Positive.

The MTV Video Awards’ Video Vanguard Award was renamed the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award in honor of his contributions to the culture of music videos

Terry Anderson, Last US Hostage In Lebanon Is Released

Bush is briefly hospitalized for heart irregularity

Slovenia and Croatia declare Independence from Yugoslavia

Gulf War broadcast live on TV

Federal Reserve lowers interest to 5.5%

Judge Clarence Thomas-Anita Hill Hearings are televised

Jay Leno succeeds Johnny Carson

Dallas ends after 13 seasons

The Firm is a best seller and later become a feature film.

Nolan Ryan pitches another no-hitter, his 7th at 44 years of age.

“Smart” bombs have 90% Accuracy in Gulf War

FDA questions the safety of silicone breast implants

Elizabeth Taylor marries her eighth husband, Larry Fortensky 39.

Motorola introduces a new light cell phone, 7.7 oz (about 1/2 lb)

Green Tea is reported to contain a powerful anticancer agent.

Ad for Lexus: “If you weren’t Spoiled as a Child, Here’s a Second Chance.”

McDonald’s comes out with the McLean hamburger

Michael Jackson signs a $1.1 billion contract with Sony.

A sheet of the first printing of the Declaration of Independence found at a flea market in the backing of a painting sells for $2.4 million.

George Forman 42, earns $12.5 million as he loses to Evander Holyfield

The TV show “Studs” raises controversy about tastelessness

Terminator 2 is the most expensive movie ever made costing over $100 Million.

President: George Bush
Vice President: Dan Quayle

Population: 252,127,402
Life expectancy: 75.5 years

High: 3,169
Low: 2,470

Federal spending: $1323.63 billion
Federal debt: $3598.5 billion
Inflation: 4.2%
Consumer Price Index: 136.2
Unemployment: 5.6%

Cost of a new home: $147,200.00
Cost of a new car: $9,512.00
Median Household Income: $30,126.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.25 ($0.29 as of 2/3/91)
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.14
Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.01
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.80