1990: Top Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Sporting Events, World Events And More

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Climbing the ladder of time, we’re now in 1990. Take a look back at all the amazing things that happened back in the year and then think of how many of those are still part of our lives today. How many aren’t?

Check out everything that was from this decade, year by year – from the sporting events to world events, the top TV shows, songs, movies and more.

As you’re going back in time, think about some of the things in our lives today that you don’t see appearing here because they didn’t exist yet. Then, think about how many of those things we use, hear about or are part of our lives today were introduced in this year or the decade. Progress is amazing.

Let us know some of the things that come to mind below.

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1. Because I Love You (The Postman Song) – Stevie B
2. The Power – Snap
3. Cradle Of Love – Billy Idol
4. Pray – M.C. Hammer
5. Hold On – Wilson Phillips
6. Unskinny Bop – Poison
7. Step By Step – New Kids On The Block
8. Pump Up The Jam – Technotronic/Felly
9. I Wish It Would Rain Down – Phil Collins
10. Love And Affection, (Can’t Live Without Your) – Nelson

Janet Jackson’s Rhythm Nation – Janet Jackson
Johnny Gill – Johnny Gill
Nick of Time – Bonnie Raitt
Please Hammer, Don’t Hurt’ Em – M.C. Hammer
Soul Provider – Michael Bolton
Storm Front – Billy Joel
Where’ve You Been – Kathy Mattea

Album of the Year: Back on the Block, Quincy Jones
Best New Artist: Mariah Carey
Best Pop Duo or Group: “All My Life,” Linda Ronstadt with Aaron Neville
Best Pop Female Vocal: “Vision of Love,” Mariah Carey
Best Pop Male Vocal: “Oh Pretty Woman,” Roy Orbison
Best Rock Duo or Group: “Janie’s Got a Gun,” Aerosmith
Best Rock Female Vocal: “Black Velvet,” Alannah Myles
Best Rock Male Vocal: “Bad Love,” Eric Clapton
Record of the Year: “Another Day in Paradise,” Phil Collins
Song of the Year: “From a Distance”


Sinead O’Connor – Nothing Compares 2 U

1. Home Alone Fox $285,761,243
2. Ghost Par. $217,631,306
3. Dances with Wolves Orion $184,208,848
4. Pretty Woman BV $178,406,268
5. Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles NL $135,265,915
6. The Hunt for Red October Par. $122,012,643
7. Total Recall Sony $119,394,840
8. Die Hard 2: Die Harder Fox $117,540,947
9. Dick Tracy BV $103,738,726
10. Kindergarten Cop Uni. $91,457,688

Another 48 Hrs / Awakenings / Bird on a Wire / Delta Force 2 / Flatliners / Goodfellas
Hard to Kill / Lionheart / Marked for Death / Misery / Navy Seals / Presumed Innocent
The Godfather Part III / The Grifters / Young Guns 2

Best Actor: Jeremy Irons: Reversal of Fortune
Best Actress: Kathy Bates: Misery
Best Director: Kevin Costner: Dances with Wolves
Best Picture: Jim Wilson and Kevin Costner: Dances with Wolves
Best Supporting Actor: Joe Pesci: GoodFellas
Best Supporting Actress: Whoopi Goldberg: Ghost

Cheers / 60 Minutes / Roseanne / A Different World / The Cosby Show / America’s Funniest Home Videos / Murphy Brown / Murder She Wrote / Home Improvement / Designing Women / Empty Nest
The Golden Girls / Unsolved Mysteries / Full House / Family Matters / Coach / Matlock / In The Heat Of The Night / Major Dad

Best Drama – L.A. Law (NBC)
Best Actor – James Earl Jones, Gabriel’s Fire
Best Actress – Patricia Wettig, thirtysomething
Supporting Actor – Timothy Busfield, thirtysomething
Supporting Actress – Madge Sinclair, Gabriel’s Fire

Best Comedy – Cheers (NBC)
Best Actor – Burt Reynolds, Evening Shade
Best Actress – Kirstie Alley, Cheers
Supporting Actor – Jonathan Winters, Davis Rules
Supporting Actress – Bebe Neuwirth, Cheers
Best Variety- The 63rd Annual Academy Awards (ABC)

Kentucky Derby Winner: Unbridled – Trainer: C. Nafzgar – Jockey: C. Perret

Football Super Bowl XXIV: San Francisco 55 – Denver Broncos 10
Pro MVP: Joe Montana SF (QB)

College Football: #1 Miami-FL
Heisman Trophy: Andre Ware, Houston (QB)
Rose Bowl: USC 17, Michigan 10
Orange Bowl: Notre Dame, 21, Colorado 6
Cotton Bowl: Tennessee 31, Arkansas 27
Sugar Bowl: Miami-FL 33, Alabama 25

NBA Championship: Detroit Pistons Vs. L.A. Lakers
Winner: Detroit in 4
Detroit Coach: Chuck Daley
L.A. Coach: Pat Riley
MVP: Magic Johnson, G Average Points Per Game, 22.5

NCAA Champions: Michigan 30W – 7L, Coach: Steve Fisher

World Series
San Francisco Vs. Oakland A’s
Winner: Oakland in 4
San Francisco Coach: Roger Craig
Oakland Coach: Tony La Russa

National League
MVP: Kevin Mitchell, SF (OF)
Rookie of the Year: Jerome Walton, Chi Cubs (3B)

American League
MVP: Robin Yount, Mil (OF)
Rookie of the Year: Gregg Olson, Baltimore (P)

Broker Drexel Burnham Lambert Files For Bankruptcy

Mikel Milken Pleads Guilty To Securities Fraud

Noriega Arrested In Panama By US Agents for Drug Dealing

Infiniti and Lexus are introduced as new car brands,

Reebok’s Pump and dolphin-free tuna are introduced

Pre-ripped jeans, wide headbands and high-priced sneakers ($125-$175) are the hot fashion items, Roller Blading, Where’s Waldo and the Simpsons are hot pop culture.

Vanilla Ice’s “Ice Ice Baby becomes the first rap record to top the US singles chart.

Caller ID is introduced

Milli Vanilli gives back Grammy after they were found to be fakes by using other singers.

Sinead O’Conner and Nora Dunne refuse to appear on “Saturday Night Live” when Andrew Dice Clay is booked as guest host.

Despite its flawed mirrors, the $1.5 Billion Hubble telescope delivers unprecedented views of outer space.

A US Florida Judge bans all sales to minors of 2 Live Crew’s album “As Nasty As They Wanna Be”

New TV shows include The Simpsons, Twin Peaks and Seinfeld.

Conviction Of Oliver North In “Iran-Contra” Affair Is Overturned

Solidarity’s Lech Walesa Is Elected Poland’s President

Opposition Parties in South Africa are legalized Nelson Mandela released from prison and becomes leader of the African National Congress

50,000 die in Iran from an earthquake

Underdog Buster Duglas KO’s undefeated Mike Tyson in 10th round in Tokyo

Boris Yeltsin is elected President of Russian Federation

Cable’s SciFi channel is launched

Bronx social club fire kills 87

East and West Germany are re-united, destruction of the Berlin wall begins

The U.S. and the ESA launch “Ulysses” to study the sun and the solar system’s magnetic field. While expected to last five year, the probe continued on to 2009.

Continental Airlines files for bankruptcy

President George Bush and Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev sign a historic agreement to end production of chemical weapons

Tim Berners-Lee publishes a more formal proposal for the World Wide Web and the first web page is written

Microsoft Releases Windows 3.0

A 16 megabit chip is shown for the first time

The First Known Case of AIDS is traced back to 1959

The Space Probe Voyager launched in 1977 photographed the Solar System at a distance of 3.7 miles from the SUN

18 years after its launch the US Space Probe Pioneer reaches a distance of 46.5 billion miles beyond all planetary orbits

Depletion of the Ozone Layer is discovered above the North Pole

The First in-car Satellite Navigation System is sold by Pioneer

Pete Rose sentenced to 5 months for income tax evasion

Saddam Hussein orders Iraq invasion of Neighboring Kuwait Kuwait, Operation Desert Shield Begins as the United States and UK send troops to Kuwait

GM launches its Saturn brand.

Margaret Thatcher announces her resignation as British PM after John Major is chosen to lead the country and conservative party

The most complete skeleton of a T-Rex is found in South Dakota, we now know it as “SUE”

At 43, Nolan Ryan pitches a record 6th no-hitter.

Hot Pants and Mini Skirts are back, tent dresses and pant suits are in.

Sarah Vaughan, Pearl Bailey, Greta Garbo and Sammy Davis Jr. passed away

First Moscow McDonalds opens

Pre-ripped jeans, Nija Turtle stuff, wide head bands, sneakers $125-$175 are the new fads

President: George Bush
Vice President: Dan Quayle

Population: 249,438,712
Life expectancy: 75.4 years

High: 3,000
Low: 2,365

Federal spending: $1252.52 billion
Federal debt: $3206.6 billion
Inflation: 5.4%
Consumer Price Index: 130.7
Unemployment: 5.3%

Cost of a new home: $149,800.00
Cost of a new car: $9,437.00
Median Household Income: $29,943.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.25
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.16
Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.00
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.78