1984: Top Songs, Movies, TV Shows, Sporting Events, World Events And More

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Well, we made it! Through the 60’s, the 70’s and now it’s time to party! The decade started out with the U.S. defeating the Russians in hockey for the first time ever for Gold at the Olympics in Lake Placid NY. It was the decade that this thing called a ‘computer’ would begin to find its way into homes, music television would show you the music, cable and satellite TV would begin to find their way into people’s homes. Video games would become more or a regular thing in our homes, cell phones as big as bricks entered our lives, wireless telephones would find their way into our lives and push-button phones began to replace the rotary phone. The space shuttle program implemented by former President Richard Nixon became a reality, the 1985 Super Bowl champs, the Chicago Bears were the most interesting sports characters of the decade and had their own video to prove it. It was a decade of celebs coming together for good causes with U.S.A For Africa’s “We Are The World”, Band-Aid’s “Do They Know Its Christmas”, Farm-Aid and more.

Check out everything that was from this decade, year by year – from the sporting events to world events, the top TV shows, songs, movies and more.

As you’re going back in time, think about some of the things in our lives today that you don’t see appearing here because…. they didn’t exist yet. Things like the top selling computers, tablets, laptops, microwaves, cable provider, wireless company and more.

Let us know some of the things that come to mind below.

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1. When Doves Cry » Prince
2. What’s Love Got To Do With It » Tina Turner
3. Say Say Say » Paul McCartney & Michael Jackson
4. Footloose » Kenny Loggins
5. Against All Odds (Take A Look At Me Now) » Phil Collins
6. Jump » Van Halen
7. Hello » Lionel Richie
8. Owner Of A Lonely Heart » Yes
9. Ghostbusters » Ray Parker Jr.
10. Karma Chameleon » Culture Club

Album of the Year: Can’t Slow Down, Lionel Richie
Best New Artist: Cyndi Lauper
Best Pop Duo or Group: “Jump (For My Love),” Pointer Sisters
Best Pop Female Vocal: “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” Tina Turner
Best Pop Male Vocal: “Against All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now),” Phil Collins
Best Rock Duo or Group: Purple Rain, Prince and the Revolution
Best Rock Female Vocal: “Better Be Good to Me,” Tina Turner
Best Rock Male Vocal: “Dancing in the Dark,” Bruce Springsteen
Record of the Year: “What’s Love Got to Do With It,” Tina Turner
Song of the Year: “What’s Love Got to Do With It”

1 Beverly Hills Cop $234,760,478
2 Ghostbusters $229,242,989
3 Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom $179,870,271
4 Gremlins $148,168,459
5 The Karate Kid $90,815,558
6 Police Academy $81,198,894
7 Footloose $80,035,402
8 Romancing the Stone $76,572,238
9 Star Trek III: The Search for Spock $76,471,046
10 Splash – $69,821,334

Purple Rain, Amadeaus, Tight Rope, Revenge Of The Nerds, 2010, Breakin’

Winners in CAPS
Best Picture:
“AMADEUS”, “The Killing Fields”, “A Passage to India”, “Places in the Heart”, “A Soldier’s Story”
F. MURRAY ABRAHAM in “Amadeus”, Jeff Bridges in “Starman”, Albert Finney in “Under the Volcano”, Tom Hulce in “Amadeus”, Sam Waterston in “The Killing Fields”
SALLY FIELD in “Places in the Heart”, Judy Davis in “A Passage to India”, Jessica Lange in “Country”, Vanessa Redgrave in “The Bostonians”, Sissy Spacek in “The River”
Supporting Actor:
HAING S. NGOR in “The Killing Fields”, Adolph Caesar in “A Soldier’s Story”, John Malkovich in “Places in the Heart”, Noriyuki “Pat” Morita in “The Karate Kid”, Ralph Richardson in “Greystoke: The Legend of Tarzan, Lord of the Apes”
Supporting Actress:
PEGGY ASHCROFT in “A Passage to India”, Glenn Close in “The Natural”, Lindsay Crouse in “Places in the Heart”, Christine Lahti in “Swing Shift”, Geraldine Page in “The Pope of Greenwich Village”
MILOS FORMAN for “Amadeus”, Woody Allen for “Broadway Danny Rose”, Robert Benton for “Places in the Heart”, Roland Joffe for “The Killing Fields”, David Lean for “A Passage to India”

Dynasty / Dallas / The Cosby Show / 60 Minutes / Family Ties / The A-Team
Simon & Simon / Knot’s Landing / Murder She Wrote / Falcon Crest

Best Drama – Cagney and Lacey
Best Actor – William Daniels, St. Elsewhere
Best Actress – Tyne Daly, Cagney and Lacey
Supporting Actor – Edward James Olmos, Miami Vice
Supporting Actress – Betty Thomas, Hill Street Blues

Best Comedy – The Cosby Show
Best Actor – Robert Guillaume, Benson
Best Actress – Jane Curtin, Kate and Allie
Supporting Actor – John Laroquette, Night Court
Supporting Actress – Rhea Perlman, Cheers
Best Variety – Motown Returns to the Apollo

Kentucky Derby Winner: Swale – Trainer: W. Stephens – Jockey: L. Pincay Jr.

Superbowl XIX: San Francisco 38 – Miami 16
Pro MVP: Dan Marino, Miami, QB

College Football: #1 BYU
Heisman Trophy: Doug Flutie, Boston College QB
Rose Bowl: USC 20, Ohio St. 17
Orange Bowl: Washington 28, Oklahoma 17
Cotton Bowl: Boston College 45, Houston 28
Sugar Bowl: Nebraska 28, LSU 10

NBA Championship: Boston Celtics Vs. L.A. Lakers
Winner: Boston in 7
L.A.Coach: Pat Riley
Boston Coach: K.C. Jones
MVP: Larry Bird, Boston, F Average Points Per Game, 24.2
NCAA Champions: Georgetown 34W – 3L, Coach: John Thompson

World Series
Detroit Tigers Vs. San Diego Padres
Winner: Detroit in 5
Detroit Coach: Sparky Anderson
San Diego Coach: Dick Williams

National League
MVP: Ryne Sandberg (2B)
Rookie of the Year: Dwight Gooden, NY Mets. (OF)

American League
MVP: Willie Hernandez, Det., (P)
Rookie of the Year: Alvin Davis, Seattle (1B)


Apple 1984 Commercial Introducing Macintosh Computer from Aakash Jha on Vimeo.

Jesse Jackson Gains Release Of Navy Pilot From Syria

$180 Billion Deficit Is Projected

US Diplomat William Buckley Is Kidnapped In Beirut

Gunman Kills 22 In San Ysido CA McDonalds

FBI Agent Richard Miller Is Arrested For Spying

Indira Gandi, Indian PM , Is Assassinated By Sikh Bodyguards

NYC Subway “Vigilante” Bernhard Goetz Surrenders In Shooting Of 4 Youths

Reagan orders Marines offshore in Lebanon

Senate Resolution Opposes CIA Mining of Nicaraguan Harbors

Russia Announces Boycott of Los Angeles games

22 American prisoners freed when Jesse Jackson meets Castro

British agree to leave Hong Kong in 1997

Challenger astronauts make two free-flying space walks

Gas leak kills 2,000 at Union Carbide Plant in Bhopal India

Hit songs, “Ghostbusters”, “Uptown Girl

“Discovery” becomes the third space shuttle

Walter Payton breaks Jim Browns life time rushing record of 12,213 yards

The megabit memory chip is introduced.

The Apple Macintosh is new

Trivial pursuit, lottery sweepstakes and guess clothes are in.

The movie rating “PG-13″ is introduced

Androgynous rock singers become popular: Michael Jackson, Boy George, Prince, Annie Lennox

Ad for Softsoap: Ever wonder what you might pick up in the Shower?

Discovery becomes the third space shuttle

Quote from John McEnroe to a British tennis umpire: “Over a thousand officials to choose from, and I get a moron like you.”

Reports from Harvard and Stanford indicate that inactivity increases heart and lung disease.

Michael Jackson earns $1.5 million for a Pepsi commercial which during the filming, his hair catches fire.

A pizza parlor customer keeps a promise when he splits his $6 million lottery winnings with a waitress.

President: Ronald W. Reagan
Vice President: George Bush

Population: 235,824,902
Life expectancy: 74.7 years

High: 1,287
Low: 1,086

Federal spending: $851.85 billion
Federal debt: 1,564,700,000
Inflation: 3.9%
Consumer Price Index: 103.9
Unemployment: 9.6%

Cost of a new home: $97,600.00
Cost of a new car: $7,030.00
Median Household Income: $22,415.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: $0.20
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $1.21
Cost of a dozen eggs: $1.01
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $2.26