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1975 was another year of change and growth in the 1970’s.  From the hangover of the late 60’s to the lull and depression of the early part of the 70’s to the “ok, let’s loosen up and have some fun” attitude of the middle to latter part of the decade, it certainly was a decade of ups and downs that would lead to a never-ending party known as the 1980’s.

Check out everything that was from this decade, year by year. From the sporting events to world events, the top TV shows, songs, movies and more.

As you’re going back in time through 1975, think about some of the things in our lives today that you don’t see appearing here because…. they didn’t exist yet. Things like the top selling computers, tablets, laptops, microwaves, cable provider, wireless company, music video of the year etc.

Let us know some of the things that come to mind below in the comments or join our blog for updates.

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1. “Love Will Keep Us Together” – Captain & Tennille
2. “Rhinestone Cowboy” – Glen Campbell
3. “Fame” – David Bowie
4. “Shining Star” – Earth, Wind and Fire
5. “My Eyes Adored You” – Frankie Valli
6. “Thank God I’m A Country Boy” – John Denver
7. “Philadelphia Freedom” – Elton John
8. “One Of These Nights” – Eagles
9. “Pick Up The Pieces” – Average White Band
10. “At Seventeen” – Janis Ian

Album of the Year: Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon
Best New Artist: Natalie Cole
Best Pop Duo or Group: “Lyin’ Eyes,” Eagles
Best Pop Female Vocal: “At Seventeen,” Janis lan
Best Pop Male Vocal: Still Crazy After All These Years, Paul Simon
Record of the Year: “Love Will Keep Us Together,” Captain and Tennille
Song of the Year: “Send in the Clowns”

1. Jaws $260,000,000
2. The Rocky Horror Picture Show $112,892,319
3. One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest $108,981,275
4. Dog Day Afternoon $50,000,000
5. Shampoo $49,407,734
6. Tommy $20,170,000
7. Three Days of the Condor $20,014,000
8. Funny Lady $19,313,000
9. Nashville $18,012,000
10. The Day of the Locust $17,793,000

Other Releases
The Adventures of the Wilderness Family / Rooster Cogburn / Barry Lyndon
Monty Python and the Holy Grail / The Man Who Would be King / The Story of Adele

Here are the nominees, winners in CAPS. Check out Bob Hope’s monologue from that year below.

Best Picture:
“ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOO’S NEST”, “Barry Lyndon”, “Dog Day Afternoon”, “Jaws”, “Nashville”
JACK NICHOLSON in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Walter Matthau in “The Sunshine Boys”, Al Pacino in “Dog Day Afternoon”, Maximilian Schell in “The Man in the Glass Booth”, James Whitmore in “Give ‘Em Hell, Harry!”
LOUISE FLETCHER in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Isabelle Adjani in “The Story of Adele H.”, Ann-Margret in “Tommy”, Glenda Jackson in “Hedda”, Carol Kane in “Hester Street”
Supporting Actor:
GEORGE BURNS in “The Sunshine Boys”, Brad Dourif in “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Burgess Meredith in “The Day of the Locust”, Chris Sarandon in “Dog Day Afternoon”, Jack Warden in “Shampoo”
Supporting Actress:
LEE GRANT in “Shampoo”, Ronee Blakley in “Nashville”, Sylvia Miles in “Farewell, My Lovely”, Lily Tomlin in “Nashville”, Brenda Vaccaro in “Jacqueline Susann’s Once Is Not Enough”
MILOS FORMAN for “One Flew Over The Cuckoo’s Nest”, Robert Altman for “Nashville”, Federico Fellini for “Amarcord”, Stanley Kubrick for “Barry Lyndon”, Sidney Lumet for “Dog Day Afternoon”

All in the Family / Rich Man Poor Man / Laverne and Shirley / Maude / The Bionic Woman / Phyllis / Sanford and Son / Rhoda / The Six-Million-Dollar Man / The ABC Monday Night Movie / Happy Days / One Day at a Time / The ABC Sunday Night Movie / The Waltons / M*A*S*H / Starsky and Hutch / Welcome Back Kotter / The Mary Tyler Moore Show / Kojak

Best Drama – Police Story
Best Actor – Peter Falk, NBC Sunday Mystery Movie: Columbo
Best Actress – Michael Learned, The Waltons
Supporting Actor – Anthony Zerbe, Harry O
Supporting Actress – Ellen Corby, The Waltons

Best Actor – Jack Albertson, Chico and the Man
Best Actress – Mary Tyler Moore, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Supporting Actor – Ted Knight, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Supporting Actress – Betty White, The Mary Tyler Moore Show
Best Variety – NBC’s Saturday Night
Best Comedy – The Mary Tyler Moore Show

Kentucky Derby Winner: Foolish Pleasure – Trainer: LeRoy Jolley – Jockey: Jacinto Vasquez

Superbowl X: Pittsburgh 21 – DALLAS 17
Pro MVP: Fran Tarkenton, Minnesota, QB

College Football: #1 Oklahoma
Heisman Trophy: Archie Griffin, Ohio St., RB
Rose Bowl: UCLA 23, Ohio St. 10
Orange Bowl: Oklahoma 14, Michigan 6
Cotton Bowl: Arkansas 31, Georgia 10
Sugar Bowl: Alabama 13, Penn St. 6

NBA Championship: Golden State Warriors Vs. Washington Bullets
Winner: Golden State in 4
Golden State Coach: Al Attles
Washington Coach: K.C. Jones
MVP: Bob McAdoo, F – Average Points Per Game: 34.5
NCAA National Champions: UCLA – 28W 3L / Coach: John Wooden

World Series
Cincinatti Reds Vs. Boston Red Sox
Cincinatti in 7
Cincinatti Coach: Sparky Anderson
Boston Coach: Darrell Johnson

National League
MVP: Joe Morgan, Cincinatti (2B)
Rookie of the Year: John Montefusco, SF (P)

American League
MVP: Fred Lynn, Bos (OF)
Rookie of the Year: Fred Lynn, Bos (OF)


H.R. Halderman, John Erlickman and Mitchell Convicted of Conspiracy

Motorola obtains patent for the first portable mobile phone

President Ford Announces Recession Policy

Saturday Night Live debuts on NBC

US Plane With Vietnamese Orphans Crashes …..200 Killed

Saigon Falls to North Vietnamese, Thousands Flee By Boat

Marines Rescue 39 From USS “Mayaguez” Seized By Cambodia

Teamster Leader Jimmy Hoffa Disappears, Foul Play Suspected

Patty Hearst Arrested By FBI

NASA launches the first joint United States and Soviet Union space flight during July with success

New York City avoids bankruptcy when President Gerald R. Ford signed a $2.3 billion loan

After over 35 years of rule, General Francisco Franco of Spain passed. As Chevy Chase would say in SNL’s Weekend Update, “General Francisco Franco is still dead”

Ford Escapes Shot Fired by Sara Jane Moore

OPEC Increase Oil Prices 10%

Unemployment reaches 8.9%, highest since 1941

US and Russia agree to 5 year grain export plan

President Ford rejects Federal bail out of NYC

CIA acknowledges plots to kill undesirable Heads of State

The Digital Camera is introduced by Kodak

The first Laser Printer debuts

Cannonball Adderly, Aristotle Onassis, Rod Sterling & Casey Stengel pass

Archie Griffin of Ohio State becomes the first player to win second Heisman Trophy

Sony’s Video Cassette Recorder known as the Betamax makes first appearance. Not to be outdone, Matsushita / JVC introduce VHS. In the end, Betamax was a gonner by 1988 as VHS won. now? VHS? Beta? Like the 8 Track, part of the collectors items of the past.

Muhammad Ali beat Joe Fraser in the “Thriller In Manilla” match

From Traff-O-Data to a partnership called Microsoft. Bill Gates and Paul Allen form a partnership

Disposable razor introduced

Inflation is 14%

President Ford officially ends American role in Vietnam

Warren Beatty stars in movie “Shampoo” as a womanizing hairdresser

Robert Redford and Faye Dunaway star in Three Days OF The Condor

Arthur Hailey’s book The Moneylenders is a best-seller

Self help business book “Winning Through Intimidation” by Robert Ringer is a best-seller

Atari/Sears in Japan introduces the first integrated low cost circuits for TV games

Free agent Catfish Hunter signs a record $2.85 million contract with the New York Yankees

Oklahoma University’s 37 game winning streak is broken

The “Thrilla in Manilla”, Ali beats Joe Frazier by TKO to regain his title

The leisure suit with open collar over the lapels is the men’s fashion of the day

The fitted double breasted gangster-banker suit is also in fashion

The Atomic Energy Commission is dissolved

Rolling Stones tour grosses $13 million

Fads; Spiderman, dance marathons, skateboards, mood rings, Rubik’s Cubes, Pet Rocks, Hip-huggers, bellbottoms, leisure suits, 8-Tracks, Disco, PEZ candy,
Magic 8-Balls, Mr. Potato Head and more are fads and trends of the day

President: Gerald R. Ford
Vice President: Nelson A. Rockefeller

Population: 215,973,199
Life expectancy: 72.6 years

High: 860
Low: 610

Federal spending: $332.33 billion
Federal debt: $541.9 billion
Inflation: 14.1%
Consumer Price Index: 53.8
Unemployment: 5.6%

Cost of a new home: $42,600.00
Cost of a new car: $4,950
Median Household Income: $11,800.00
Cost of a first-class stamp: 10 cents (went to 13 cents as of December 31, 1975)
Cost of a gallon of regular gas: $0.57
Cost of a dozen eggs: $0.77
Cost of a gallon of Milk: $1.57

Source: Sal Amato