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Every Thursday we feature a classic movie [or amazing clips from them] from back in the day for you to watch at work, on the way to work, on the way home from work or on your day off to watch and share.

drop dead fred dvdToday’s feature DROP DEAD FRED takes you back to 1991 with a classic film that tells the story of an imaginary friend who comes to help a girl through crises in her life. It’s one of our 90’s faves!

This British-American black comedy fantasy film directed by Ate de Jong was promoted as a lighthearted children’s film but I’m sure if you played this movie for a 5 year old child, they’d go running to hide. It’s really a great movie, hilarious scenes with adult themes and gags alongside elements of black comedy, emotional abuse, mental illness, bizarre visual and make-up effects and swearing! What’s not to like? You can buy the DVD here.

Rik Mayall who passed away in 2014 starred as the title character: a happy, anarchic, and mischievous imaginary friend of a young girl named Elizabeth (Phoebe Cates) and nemesis of her overbearing mother, Polly (Marsha Mason). He causes chaos around the home and neighborhood, but nobody can see him except her. When she grows up and has an emotional crisis, he returns to “cheer her up” in his own unique way, causing more chaos than ever before. The supporting cast included the late Carrie Fisher, Ron Eldard, Tim Matheson, and Bridget Fonda.

For us guys, it’s PHOEBE CATES from Fast Times At Ridgemont High – nuff said. For the ladies, it’s Tim Matheson, everyone loves ‘Otter’ (from Animal House) along with all the other great movies he’s been in not to mention his position as director in many movies and TV shows including West Wing, Lucifer, Cold Case, Numbers, St. Elsewhere, Burn Notice, Person of Interest and more to films such as Clint Eastwood’s 70’s classic Magnum Force, Fletch, Van Wilder and more – not to mention he’s a former U.S. Marine! Hoorah!

So, let’s get into it, enjoy the movie in its entirety below and when you’re done, check out all the movies we’ve featured HERE.

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