Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party

Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party

Nobody does it like we do on a Saturday night. At 7PM we kick off your night with throwbacks and old school mixes just like we did back in the day at the REAL WBMX.

At 8PM we turn it over to the DJS droppin’ the hottest mixes featuring classic house music, freestyle, throwbacks, old school and more all night long, IN THE MIX!

Listen on the radio at 102.3 FM, in our app, here on this page or ask ALEXA to PLAY WCKG on iHeartRadio.

It’s the Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party exclusively on 102.3 FM and The Beat Chicago featuring our resident DJS including U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame DJ and an original member of the Hot Mix 5, Mickey Mixin’ Oliver, Quick Mix Mike, DJ Triple H, Mixmaster Einstein

Back in the day people used to record the mixes on cassettes, today, we do all the work for you and set the mixes up on our website and in our app ON DEMAND for you to listen to anytime so you never miss a beat. The mixes are available on demand with their tracklist, info about the DJS and more every Tuesday.

We alert our listeners when the mixes are uploaded via our FB page and in our app each week as well.


U.S. Dance Music Hall of Fame DJ Mickey Mixin’ Oliver is an original member of the Hot Mix 5. Mickey, along with the other original members of the Hot Mix 5 were all awarded their own personal honorary street signs by the city of Chicago.

Catch all of Mickey’s past mixes HERE.

DJ Triple H has been on the scene in Chicago for over 30 years. A former resident of Cyber Radio back in the day here in Chicago, “Triple H” has played all the hottest clubs, opened for every house artist there is and is still going strong in the Windy City today.

Catch all of DJ Triple H’s past mixes HERE.

Quick Mix Mike started out as a DJ who also worked at the legendary Importes Etc. on Plymouth court back in the 80’s with icons Chip E, Frankie Knuckles and others.

“Quick Mix Mike” also worked many of the south side venues frequented by house music fans back in the day. Quick Mix Mike was a regular at house parties and events throughout the 80s, 90’s and still is today.

Catch all of Quick Mix Mike’s past mixes HERE.

Mixmaster Einstein is originally from Gary, IN. He grew up a house head. He studied and learned the basic techniques of mixing by listening to DJs like our Mickey Mixin’ Oliver and other members of the Hot Mix 5 when our sister network was at 1390 AM and 102.7 FM here in Chicago. Now he’s spreading the love of house music all over the world every weekend here on The Beat.

He came to us by submitting mixes perfectly to us each week. Once an opening came along, his work was so good, so diverse and so on-point, we moved him right into residency status on our Saturday Night Live Ain’t No Jive Chicago Dance Party mix show.

Catch all of Mixmaster Einstein’s past mixes HERE.

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