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Blind Date (1987)

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Let’s go back to 1987 for a bizarre date gone nuts.


Directed by the late, great Blake Edwards (Pink Panther movies and more), the movie stars Bruce Willis (on a roll with Moonlighting), John Larroquette (Night Court, Stripes) and Kim Basinger coming off of 9 1/2 Weeks pre-Batman).

The movie was originally intended for the recently married Madonna and Sean Penn but both backed out after the project failed to attract a director.

The screenplay was re-written and this draft was given to Edwards. He agreed to direct contingent he be allowed to re-write that draft. The studio agreed. At that point, Penn dropped out and, after meeting Edwards, Madonna dropped out as well. The movie was re-cast with Willis and Basinger.

When Walter Davis (Bruce Willis), a nerdy executive at a financial management firm, takes a blind date to an important client dinner, he only receives one warning from his brother played by the late great Phil Harman who actually set them up for the date: “Whatever you do, don’t let her drink.” That sets the movie in motion for a hilarious, strange ride.

Kim Basinger plays Nadia who after a drink or two turns into a hilariously devastating force who wrecks his otherwise normal life. It just goes downhill from the date when Nadia’s insanely jealous ex-boyfriend (John Larroquette) discovers them together and decides to wage a war of extermination against the unsuspecting Walter.

But as Nadia gets Walter fired, beaten up, chased, shot at and arrested, what’s Walter to do but fall in love with her?

Thanks to Willis’ star power, Basinger’s sex appeal and acting chops along with John Larroquette and Blake Edwards’ built in fan base, the movie did almost 40 million dollar’s at the box office.

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