Big Trouble In Little China


Every Thursday we feature a classic movie [or amazing clips from them] from back in the day for you to watch at work, on the way to work, on the way home from work or on your day off to watch and share.

Today’s feature takes you back to 1986 with Kurt Russell and Kim Catrall in the classic “Big Trouble In Little China”

The movie directed by John Carpenter features Kurt Russell, Kim Cattrall, Dennis Dun, and James Hong.

The film tells the story of Jack Burton, who helps his friend Wang Chi rescue Wang’s green-eyed fiancée from bandits in San Francisco’s Chinatown. They go into the mysterious underworld beneath Chinatown, where they face an ancient sorcerer named David Lo Pan, who requires a woman with green eyes to marry him in order to release him from a centuries-old curse.

Although the original screenplay by first-time screenwriters Gary Goldman and David Z. Weinstein was envisioned as a Western set in the 1880s, screenwriter W. D. Richter was hired to rewrite the script extensively and modernize it. The studio hired Carpenter to direct the film and rushed Big Trouble in Little China into production so that it would be released before a similarly themed Eddie Murphy film, The Golden Child, which was slated to come out around the same time. The project fulfilled Carpenter’s long-standing desire to make a martial arts film.

The film was a commercial failure, grossing $11.1 million in North America, below its estimated $19 to $25 million budget. It received mixed reviews that left Carpenter disillusioned with Hollywood and influenced his decision to return to independent film making.

That was then, this is now and the movie is now a cult classic with an 82% average rating on Rotten Tomatoes and ready to take the stress out of your day and replace it with laughs.

NOTE: Since about 2015, there have been rumors the Dwayne The Rock Johnson would be remaking this movie, as of now, it’s not going to happen however… things can change.

Big Trouble In Little China

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